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Shoreline Gateway

In 2012 I was living in downtown Long Beach off the corner of Alamitos and Ocean, in a building now called “Rainbow Harbor Living” as indicated by the long awning that ushers the front door of this spacious beauty of art decadence.

This beauty of a building, owned and maintained by Michael Barber of Michael Barber Properties, was a fabulous gem of a property, and served as my office, and humble abode for my family.

Population Density and Scarcity of Parking

Across Medio Street, which is the small street that ran in front of our building, was a choice spot for parking at that time, and served as an anchor that justified the convenience of living in such a densely populated area; as most who have lived urban for a considerable amount of time, the key to living comfortably is having parking.

So, as the story goes, we had great parking, until one day, we received word that our beloved parking lot was going to be replaced with a building of great magnitude under a development called Shoreline Gateway which would serve to “densify” the area even more, as well as, eliminate our most prized parking, and ultimately us, as residents of downtown Long Beach.

And so eventually, we did loose our parking, and ultimately relocated to a more feasible way of life, however, upon departure, as a web developer, it occurred to me that this location would once become even more densely populated, and ultimately an attraction of sorts, as a city within city will rise out of this venture, and eventually attract curiosity seekers on the web.

A New Domain Name for my Web Consulting Portfolio

Given that most of our world is digitally interpreted these days, I figured I would go ahead and purchase the domain name and place a demo site for my web consulting portfolio, and maybe even develop a site to promote the area as it becomes an item, so-to-speak.

So now, seven years later, it looks like Shoreline Gateway is moving into its second phase of development, and my accompanying portfolio for this particular project is entering into its first phase of development, and although I have no affiliation with the actual development, my love for Long Beach drives my motives to make a contribution to the development of the gem of attraction.

Incredible Improvements in Downtown Long Beach

For those who do not know much about Long Beach, it was, and still is in many places, a pretty gritty city, but the incredible improvements that have occurred under the leadership of Mayor Robert Garcia, and my former high school colleague and teammate Chief Robert Luna, I can say with much confidence that Long Beach is becoming a city whose reputation once implied, “oh, gosh” is now starting to imply, “oh, yeah” and it is a wondrous feat, to say the least.

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