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I must confess, I wish I could write better, but to compensate for my lack of natural writing prowess, I have overcompensated by becoming a beacon for writing in the form of new platform guru.

After living in Long Beach, CA for a considerable amount of time, and being a native of the region, I found that Long Beach most resembled my, I must confess, favorite city, New York.

After living in New York city for over a decade, and then subsequently, moving back to my home town in Southern California, I still needed my city fix, and although I love Los Angeles for its urban feel, much like NYC, I decided that the distance to drive to LA was just not worth it, so I began to explore Long Beach, and eventually took of residence in the downtown area, where I came to appreciate, the semi-gritty of city living, which ultimately sufficed for my longings for the urbane.

After seeing what there is to see in Long Beach, and coming to appreciate the rich cultural conglomeration of Long Beach, I adopted the city as my own, and so inspired my desire to further document, in my own form, the Long Beach Daily News.

My passion for news, and my passion for web development combined, make up what has become a daily blog that keeps me informed and engaged with a city I have come to grow very fond.

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