Launching My New Blog Using WordPress

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The limitations of using a free web blog platform

Last Tuesday I decided to launch my new blog using WordPress. I had recently developed a “free” WordPress blog, for the sake of trying, but I was not satisfied with the limitations I found in using a “free” resource to post my thoughts and ideas.

As I have learned by now, nothing is really free, and in the digital arena, free simply equates to the idea of having advertising being thrust about your page content which distracts from the efficacy of a blog.

Setting up my own server and blog using cPanel and WordPress

I knew that eventually I would want to set-up my own server, so I decided just to try out the “free” WordPress platform for my blog ( in the interim of developing my new web server.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think a “free” WordPress is a great place to start, but it just doesn’t cut it for me, as I already know what is behind the curtain, and given that there so many options, and ultimately the grand scale-ability that goes with running your own server, I am pleased to have launched my new blog using cPanel and WordPress combined.

The advantages of running my own server

One of the advantages to running your own server is that you can develop multiple platforms and pretty much launch as many sites as you have space.

In addition, there are often platforms installers that come with your server, which makes launching a web platform as simple at clicking a few buttons.

This not only saves time in setting up a database, and coordinating a relationship between your web platform and d-base, but it also makes for a great productivity environment when developing multiple platforms.

My favorite web platforms to build

For example, one of my favorite web platforms to build are community news websites, and often times with these types of sites, there are a number of applications that can be integrated into these sites, like shopping carts, business directories, and classifieds, to name a few.

As with most news sites, the idea is to bring the user into the daily news and have them leave through the classifieds section, hopefully having even posted a paid ad.

The first of many new blog posts

I can go on for days on this, but the point I am trying to make is that I launched my new blog, and with any blog, content is king, and so this article, in particular, is my first publication, and hence new and original content that is most important in being heard.

So, I want to welcome you to my new blog if you are reading this, and I look forward to publishing more articles on my experiences in Information Technology Consulting, Marketing Strategy, Productivity Coaching, Web Development, Blogging, and my unique perspective as a Cultural Anthropologist.

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