My name is Garry Walden and I create digital content, and blog to talk about it.

I am a hybrid of sorts, both technical, and creative, I find great satisfaction in working on endeavors in cultural arts that serve academic inquiry, journalistic expression, cultural identification, unique lifestyles, marketplace economics, symbolic anthropology, sociology, literature, and ultimately, equity of knowledge acquisition through news curation and aggregation.

I started my digital journey over twenty years ago when a friend of mine shared with me a simple HTML website he had built on his desktop; as his named scrolled flashing by, I later realized that this was to become my primer into the digital world we see before us. After that unique experience, I was hooked on web design, and started to build my own simple static websites, logos, designs, and ultimately, branding.

After doing this for a number of years, the advent of content management systems (cms) like joomla!, Drupal, and WordPress began to evolve, I jumped in, became an expert, and hence, the industry standard for content management .

After several years of web mastering and full stack web development for several corporate websites, I decided that I wanted to dive deeper into marketing and the creative side of digital content creation, so for the past several years I been focusing more and more on content creation, and to use it to drive traffic to my own projects, which is ultimately what everyone will need if they plan of marketing their brand in the digital marketplace.

I come to you with 20 years of digital web design and development; and the ability to create simple professional standard content in a variety of digital formats (i.e. video, audio, podcast, copy-writing, images, etc.).

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