Shoreline Gateway – Entertainment Guide –

In 2012 I was living in downtown Long Beach off the corner of Alamitos and Ocean, in a building now called “Rainbow Harbor Living” as indicated by the long awning that ushers the front door of this spacious beauty of art decadence.

This beauty of a building, owned and maintained by Michael Barber of Michael Barber Properties, was a fabulous gem of a property, and served as my office, and humble abode for my family.

Population Density and Scarcity of Parking

Across Medio Street, which is the small street that ran in front of our building, was a choice spot for parking at that time, and served as an anchor that justified the convenience of living in such a densely populated area; as most who have lived urban for a considerable amount of time, the key to living comfortably is having parking.

So, as the story goes, we had great parking, until one day, we received word that our beloved parking lot was going to be replaced with a building of great magnitude under a development called Shoreline Gateway which would serve to “densify” the area even more, as well as, eliminate our most prized parking, and ultimately us, as residents of downtown Long Beach.

And so eventually, we did loose our parking, and ultimately relocated to a more feasible way of life, however, upon departure, as a web developer, it occurred to me that this location would once become even more densely populated, and ultimately an attraction of sorts, as a city within city will rise out of this venture, and eventually attract curiosity seekers on the web.

A New Domain Name for my Web Consulting Portfolio

Given that most of our world is digitally interpreted these days, I figured I would go ahead and purchase the domain name and place a demo site for my web consulting portfolio, and maybe even develop a site to promote the area as it becomes an item, so-to-speak.

So now, seven years later, it looks like Shoreline Gateway is moving into its second phase of development, and my accompanying portfolio for this particular project is entering into its first phase of development, and although I have no affiliation with the actual development, my love for Long Beach drives my motives to make a contribution to the development of the gem of attraction.

Incredible Improvements in Downtown Long Beach

For those who do not know much about Long Beach, it was, and still is in many places, a pretty gritty city, but the incredible improvements that have occurred under the leadership of Mayor Robert Garcia, and my former high school colleague and teammate Chief Robert Luna, I can say with much confidence that Long Beach is becoming a city whose reputation once implied, “oh, gosh” is now starting to imply, “oh, yeah” and it is a wondrous feat, to say the least.

How SEO Doesn’t Really Matter, unless…..

A good SEO strategy requires the development of a great content strategy.

Often times in my IT consulting business I come across clients who come to me with the frantic notion that somehow, overnight, if they could just find the right SEO configuration, they can miraculously save their sinking business from rapid decline.

Unfortunately, this will never happen, as most often when a business finally decides to take their web marketing program seriously it is usually too late.

The demise of the dormant website

All too often, businesses neglect to recognize the full potential of their online presence (until it is too late), and instead, place most of their attention on savvy product development strategies.

As a result, their powerful tool of a website lays dormant, and serves no greater purpose than a bumper sticker on an inoperable vehicle.

So, why do I say SEO doesn’t really matter unless… because SEO really doesn’t matter unless you have content that is worthy of interest.

Simply, you can have all the SEO bases covered, but if you don’t have good content, then your visitors will see no reason to stick around.

Just because your website looks good…

In simple terms, if you find tall, dark, and handsome most appealing, then hey, all power to you, but once you engage tall, dark, and handsome, and realize there’s no substance, then all of a sudden, tall, dark, and handsome is no more than something to look at.

But for most of us, we need substance, some sort of connection that goes beyond a simple preference for a particular appearance, and this is exactly the same guiding theory behind web marketing.

Devise a content development strategy

SEO really doesn’t matter unless you have no substance in the long run. If you really want to rank, then before trying to find a magic formula in SEO , it is advisable to devise a content strategy using your blog.

So, are you saying SEO doesn’t matter? Hell no! But, before you develop the bad habit of thinking SEO in and of itself will save the day, you really need to think about developing rich content that will attract customers to your blog, and hence to your products.

All too often, businesses try to do it the other way around. They try to build an awesome looking website with all the user-ist friendly features on the market, only to realize (often too late) that it was content is King, and SEO follows soon thereafter.

The importance of having a blog

What does this mean for your business? Well, for starters it means you not only need a website, featuring your products, services, etc., but also you need a blog, and a content strategy that will allow for you to publish fresh new content on a regular basis.

The way search engines work in the simplest of senses is they scan the web for fresh, new, consistent content, because old news is old news, and the vibrancy of the world wide web is based on originality, especially when it comes to content.

So, before you go out an spend tons of money on an SEO program or specialist, take a shortcut, and simply start building a following through your blog, at which time you can come up with unique ways to direct them to your products.

Use your blog to speak about your products and services

Unfortunately, the old adage of letting your products speak for themselves no longer applies to online marketing, as it works the other way around, and in order for you to drive customers to your products, you need to speak for them.

Once you’ve developed a content marketing strategy, then it will make perfect sense to begin looking at SEO strategies, but not unless you have dedicated yourself to building content that is worthy of interest.

Launching My New Blog Using WordPress

The limitations of using a free web blog platform

Last Tuesday I decided to launch my new blog using WordPress. I had recently developed a “free” WordPress blog, for the sake of trying, but I was not satisfied with the limitations I found in using a “free” resource to post my thoughts and ideas.

As I have learned by now, nothing is really free, and in the digital arena, free simply equates to the idea of having advertising being thrust about your page content which distracts from the efficacy of a blog.

Setting up my own server and blog using cPanel and WordPress

I knew that eventually I would want to set-up my own server, so I decided just to try out the “free” WordPress platform for my blog ( in the interim of developing my new web server.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think a “free” WordPress is a great place to start, but it just doesn’t cut it for me, as I already know what is behind the curtain, and given that there so many options, and ultimately the grand scale-ability that goes with running your own server, I am pleased to have launched my new blog using cPanel and WordPress combined.

The advantages of running my own server

One of the advantages to running your own server is that you can develop multiple platforms and pretty much launch as many sites as you have space.

In addition, there are often platforms installers that come with your server, which makes launching a web platform as simple at clicking a few buttons.

This not only saves time in setting up a database, and coordinating a relationship between your web platform and d-base, but it also makes for a great productivity environment when developing multiple platforms.

My favorite web platforms to build

For example, one of my favorite web platforms to build are community news websites, and often times with these types of sites, there are a number of applications that can be integrated into these sites, like shopping carts, business directories, and classifieds, to name a few.

As with most news sites, the idea is to bring the user into the daily news and have them leave through the classifieds section, hopefully having even posted a paid ad.

The first of many new blog posts

I can go on for days on this, but the point I am trying to make is that I launched my new blog, and with any blog, content is king, and so this article, in particular, is my first publication, and hence new and original content that is most important in being heard.

So, I want to welcome you to my new blog if you are reading this, and I look forward to publishing more articles on my experiences in Information Technology Consulting, Marketing Strategy, Productivity Coaching, Web Development, Blogging, and my unique perspective as a Cultural Anthropologist.