Long Beach Daily News

I must confess, I wish I could write better, but to compensate for my lack of natural writing prowess, I have overcompensated by becoming a beacon for writing in the form of new platform guru. After living in Long Beach, CA for a considerable amount of time, and being a native of the region, I […]

Shoreline Gateway

Long Beach Shoreline Gateway Web Portfolio Project

In 2012 I was living in downtown Long Beach off the corner of Alamitos and Ocean, in a building now called “Rainbow Harbor Living” as indicated by the long awning that ushers the front door of this spacious beauty of art decadence. This beauty of a building, owned and maintained by Michael Barber of Michael […]

seo google logo on formula board

How SEO Doesn’t Really Matter, unless…..

A good SEO strategy requires the development of a great content strategy. Often times in my IT consulting business I come across clients who come to me with the frantic notion that somehow, overnight, if they could just find the right SEO configuration, they can miraculously save their sinking business from rapid decline. Unfortunately, this […]